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  • Either, on social media or your blog, you can post about endangered animals with #SaveOurAnimals. Let’s spread the word! You can also share your top must watch Disney movies for everyone with #MyTopDisneyMovies, of you can post about how your day has gone so far with #MyDaySoFar.
  • I blog about… Pok√©mon, my life, I post quizzes, I write my favorite things, and more.

Quote of the Day

I am posting a quote that I think is cool, but I will not be doing this every day. I got this quote from the internet, but I think it’s good. It just has a good message that I think we should all remember. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. -The InternetContinue reading “Quote of the Day”

My Softball Game

Yesterday, I had a 10-U softball game. We played against the Stars. The Stars are a team with older players, so I figured they’d be hard to beat. Another thing that made it tough to beat them was that we were missing a few players, including the only player on our team that has hitContinue reading “My Softball Game”

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